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I'm a lifetime New Englander, mom to two daughters, one dog, several wild rabbits and cats (they live off the garden). Right now I live in New Hampshire (which some kids call New Hamster) but have lived in Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut. Keep trying to escape.....

This whole thing started with a Kodak Instamatic and my dad's darkroom. Gee, what used to take hours and careful timing now just take a mouse click. He would be amazed.

I have always done creative stuff and thought I would like to do something artsy but the 'rents' were more into the practical careers. (Now that I am a parent, I'm sure they had visions of poverty!) So I went into science, eventually ending up as an ob-gyn. A couple of years ago I had a chance to stop and smell the roses - my DD need school help, my two partners left, the practice moved further away and my malpractice insurance jumped. So I took a year off, loved it and haven't gone back. :-) Didn't know what I was missing I guess!

The guys who wrote FxFoto asked me to beta test it - guess they figured if I could use it, then anyone could. I was looking for something part time and interesting and I love photography so here I am.

Disclaimer (or whatever...) This is my personal blog and contains my opinions, thoughts and tips. It isn't a part of Triscape or FxFoto so if you disagree with something here, please tell me not them. I'm just doing this for fun, on my own time (and budget) because I really like digital scrapbooking and want to share it. Eventually they may want to link here but for now this is just my ego trip....:-)


besides digital scrapbooking and photography? love to hike and ski. have a vegetable garden that is too big. make felted purses.