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Techniques: Using a photo as a background

Using a photo as a Background: These photos were very nearly deleted - they are blurry with motion and contain lots of dsitracting elements. Somehow I never got around to deleting them! My procrastination turned out to be a good thing!. First, click on the Collage button, then New Collage and then Multi-photo Collage. Choose the size you want but don't choose a background image. Then click finish and your page will be a white square with a green line around it. Select a photo and stretch it to cover the whole square. You can crop it to match the square but you don't have to since when you save the jpg it will only save what is inside the green line. Here enlarged the photo to get just the girl and then muted it using the Color Brush.

Muting (Partial transaprency): Click on Correct and then Color Brush. Choose Set Transparency for Whole Picture and then adjust the slider. Here I used a setting for 120. Click anywhere on the photo.

Credits: This was my second digitla layout and I did not record where I found the flowers or other elements. If you recongnize them please let me know. I certainly would like to give you credit! Thanks