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Techinques: Stamping; Filter Effect: Monochrome or Tint
Stamping: Click on Draw and then File Stamp. Navigate to what ever you would like to use as a stamp. Try to choose a png file with a clear background like the snowflake. Select the item to be stamped and click Open. Now you will see a blue square as you cursor - this is your stamp. Use the stamp width slider to adjust the size. Click where you want! After you finish stamping you can add shadows if you want. You can also select a stamped object and make it bigger or smaller or rotate it. I used two stamps here - one on the background and one on the ribbons.
Monochrome and Tint Edges: This I did using the effects rope and the monochrome filter effect. First, click on Correct and then Filter Effects. From the drop menu, choose Monochrome or Tint (Rope). Now move to the right side and choose a rope shape. Here I chose Pattern > Some Rounding since I had already cropped with that pattern. Now drag and adjust the rope. Click on the Outside box so the tint will be outside your rope. You can feather edges if you like. Tint 25 and 50 refer to how opaque the color will be. Now choose a color and click on Apply. If you want to apply two colors like I did for the photo in the upper left corner, then first do the inside color. Then re drag the rope and do the outside color.

Credits: 100 Percent Boy by Katie Mann; snowflakes by Susan White (ta da!); font is Frosty