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Surf's Up!

Surf's Up!

Techniques: Dialog Balloons, Cropping Pattern (Starburst) , Text on a Slant

My DD struggling to get up on a boogie board! This LO uses dialog balloons and a fun cropping pattern for a light hearted effect.

Start off by selecting a New Collage size and a background. This LO uses the Bright Colors kit by Shir Benovich which is included in FxFoto.

Cropping Pattern (Starburst): Select your photos and then click on the Crop button. Click on Pull or Adjust Pattern and then click on the down arrow to drop the menu down. This pattern is called Starburst and is the first drop menu. There is another starburst pattern with more spikes which you can find the the Cutters Library. Click on Cutters Library and then find More Starburst - or any other cool cropping shape! Move your cursor to where you want to start cropping and hold the left button to drag out the crop rope. You can adjust the rope by moving the mouse until the direction arrows appear and then holding down to move it. And you can move the whole crop by moving the mouse until the move arrows appear and the holding down to move it. When you are happy, click Crop. You may want to try a feathered edge too - use the slider to set the amount of feathering.

Dialog Balloons: Dialog balloons are fun journaling technique for this kind of page. To create them, click on the Text button. On the left, click on Dialog Text Balloon. Now choose your font type, size and color and type whatever you want. If you would like to change the position of the balloon tail, click on Background then click on Background Texture or Style. From the drop menu, click on the balloon style you want, then click OK. Now click on OK. Here I used Forte as a font but you may use any font in your computer. To change the text, select the balloon, click on Text and then click on Edit the Selected existing text object. Make your changes and click OK.

Text on a Slant: The slanted text was made by clicking on Text and then New Text Object. Type the text and then click OK. Now move your mouse over the upper left corner of the text box. A clockwise arrow will appear. Holding the left button, rotate the box. Then move it to where you want. It is that easy!

Credits: Bright Colors by Shir Benovich (Scrap Outside the Box) Font is Forte