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Techniques: Cropping on a Grid, Muting (partial transparency)

Cropping on a Grid: You can place a grid on your collage layout to make it easier to crop exactly the same area or to line things up. Once your collage is set up, click on the Collage button and then click on Collage Settings. Find the Page Guides tab and then click on Grid Scale. You can set the lines as you wish if you want. Now click on Finish and your collage will have an overlay of gird lines. To get the three strips, I opened the same paper three times to get three papers. I then dragged it out to the full background size and used a rectangular crop to pull strips. I made a number of these strips (more like 6) and then rearranged them slightly to get this. Using the grid I made sure they were evenly spaced.

Muting (Partial transaprency): Click on Correct and then Color Brush. Choose Set Transparency for Whole Picture and then adjust the slider. Here I used a setting for 100. Click anywhere on the photo

Credit: Rocking Recipe kit from Elizabeth Lane; Fonts are Multu and killagraphy