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Techniques: Torn Edge Crop, Burnt Edge Filter, Using scanned Ojbects

Torn Edge Crop with Burnt Edge Filter: The combination of a torn and burnt edge gives the mat and photo here an older appearance. To do this, click on Crop. Now click on Pull or Adjust Pattern, then click on the box down arrow to display the drop menu. From the menu, select Torn Edge Box. Place your cursor on your photo, and hold down the left button to drag out the box. You can adjust the box by moving your cursor over the rope until the directional arrows appear, then hold down the left mouse button to move that side of the crop rope. You can also move the whole crop box by moving you mouse over the crop until the move arrows appear and then hold the left button to move the whole box. If you want to burn the edges, then choose Keep Crop Rope and then crop the photo or paper. Click on Correct and then Filter Effects. Choose Burnt Edge filter. The slider can be adjusted to give a thick or thin burn. Here I used a setting of ~20.

Using Scanned Objects: Here I scanned the book cover but you can use this technique to add all sorts of memorablia to your layout. First palce your object on the scanner and then click on Import. Your scanner should appear on the list of Cameras and Devices and should be highlighted. Now choose a folder and click Next. the scanned objects will be in that folder. Click on them to bring them into your collage and crop as needed.

Looks a lot like the real Hermoine, doesn't she? Nope, it's my DD!!

Credits: Kit is Colours of Heritage by Katie Mann (included in FxFoto Creative Edition); font is Harry Potter