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Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Techniques: Matte Photos, Bump box cropping, Rope Cropping

Matte Photos with Bump Box Crop: The photo here has 2 mattes which match the shape of the photo. The Keep Crop Rope tool lets you keep the same crop shape and slide other papers under to crop. First, select your photo and click on Crop. Now choose Pull or Adjust Pattern. From the menu, select Bumps. Using your mouse, hold down the left button to pull out the shape. Now click on the Keep Crop Rope and then click Crop. Now click on Correct and move the photo out of the way. Select a paper and place it under the rope. Click on Crop and that paper will be cropped. Do it one more time with the second paper. Now all you have to do is enlarge the mats as you desire. To stack them, place the bottom mat on the background. Move the second mat. If it goes under the first one, then right click on the second mat and choose Show Image on Top and it will slide over the the bottom mat. Now move the photo on top, using the Show Image on Top if needed.

Rope Cropping: I wanted the two pumpkins my DDs carved to be on the black background. So I clicked on Crop, the chose Draw. Using my mouse I drew around each pumpkin and clicked on crop. Then I move both pumpkins onto the collage background. Ta Dah!

Kit is from RAKScraps mega kit. Font is Curlz