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Fall Mosiac

Fall Mosiac

Techniques: Theme Template

Using a Template: There are several templates to choose from in FxFoto and this one is called Square 12. Here is how I did it - first click on the Collage button in the upper left corner. Then click on New Collage. From the list, click on Theme - Use a Collage Theme Template. This button is the bottom one on the left. Now click on Browse and look through the list. this one is Square 12 but there are lots of other choices. When you have selected one, cllcik on Finish.
Now, click on the photos you want starting with the upper most left block. If the photo is not quite in the right place, you can adjust it. Click on Frame and then on Adjust which is in the botton right corner. Now move your photo around or in and out. When you are happy with it, click on Apply. Keep on going until you finish !

Credits: LO in lower left uses Melyssa Conolly's It's Harvest Time kit and the alpha is from Colours of Hertiage kit by Katie Mann(both included in FxFoto Creative) and both can be found at SOTB