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Lisa Braithwaite

Ahhh - the beverage of choice. Over here it's tea, not coffee, but I can relate!


I prefer tea, but I think I know what you mean with your coffee.

It's many cups of tea I have been drinking in my studio corner.


Me! Me! I love coffee! There is just something a little more magical about coffee that you didn't have to make yourself!


Yes, caffeine is good :)

Carrie Sommer

Caffeine: not an indulgence but a necessity! A good one too!


Hi I really love you LOs, I jus found your blog while nosing about.

I dunno how into cardmaking you are but check out


its a great blog with weekly card making challenges!


I have to have diet coke, but wish I liked coffee

Val Webb

Coffee is fuel for the engine of creativity! I agree with you 100%.

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