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Angie Pedersen

Eileen is the middle name of my mother, mother-in-law, my daughter, and my niece!

I actually like the name Susan -- to me, it's a strong name. Makes me think of pioneer women in the 1800's -- Little House on the Prairie era. Women who had to face incredible challenges, and get up the next day, and just keep doin'. They had perseverance and strength and courage. Think also Susan B Anthony, Susan Sontag, Susan Lucci (talk about perseverance!), and Dr. Susan Love. You're in good company!

Kerri P

This is such an original idea for SF. Thanks for suggesting. I hated my name as a child but grew into it. I don't love my last name, as it reminds most people of that homely animal often found dead on the side of the road, but I love my husband so you take the bad with the good!!! -- funny story about same names: My mother-in-law, Donna P went to the gynocologist and he kept looking at her and back at the chart. Apparently they had pulled the chart of another Donna P who was 25 years younger (and also a friend of mine)and he was of course concerned that this rather young woman looked so much older!!

Vicki in MIchigan

My grandmother's name was Eileen, and my neice Miranda's middle name is Eileen. I didn't know it's meaning -- perfect for someone who loves photography!

I need to send Twyla back to the library, as someone else wants her. I have found the book to be well worth reading! The part at the beginning where she talks about expressing oneself in one's native voice (what she calls one's DNA) -- that really resonated for me......

mary ann

hi susan, ahem, eileen!

this was a great topic for sf! thanks for suggesting it & thanks for your lovely comment on my sf name!

i like your given name, btw...i know a lot of lovely susans!

yes, tgif!

:) kimimela akua (aka mary ann)


This was a fun topic Susan! I've been gone from SF for awhile and it was a nice topic to jump back into!!

(Oh c'mon Eileen.....) SORRY! I just had to!! Anyway, it's a very pretty name and I tend to wonder if you were named Eileen (given it is a family name) would you have chosen Susan for an alternate? ;)


I like Eileen but Susan is a good name too. Funny I'm reading that book right now and just finished that section. In the end I decided I really liked my own name. Anyway, this was a fun exercise. Thanks!

Silvia / Salix

Thanks for the great topic, it's fun reading everyone's stories!
Susan, I think is a beautiful name. We don't have a lot of Susans in Ireland.
When I was a child, I thought my name,Silvia, was too wierd. Nobody had that name. So one summer when we were camping, I told everyone there that my name was Susan. So all that summer, I was Susan. :-)
Of course, now I don't believe that anymore, I like having an unusual name.
Anyway, I think Eileen is a lovely choice, I love the meaning of it.


Oh this is so beautiful Susan! And we're both are in the spirit of searching for "light." Wonderful fun topic for SF. Thank you SO much for suggesting this one!!!!!! AND I even pulled out my copy of The Creative Habit to finish reading it! :-)

Kate I

I have always loved the name Susan but I think Eileen is very pretty too! We could combine it and call you Sueleen...has kind of an exotic ring to it, don't you think!
And yes, check out DAQ...it's a fun, noncommercial site where we all try to stretch the boundaries just a little (well, sometimes a lot!).


How interesting! You know up until recently I hated my name, for the same reason. I went to a small school and in my government class alone, there were 4 Heather's. But, as I've gotten older, I've come to embrace my name, but it might be why I insist on naming my girls more unusual names - Katiana and Alyce (pronounced uh-leese). My son got a 'normal' name because my ex-husband hated the idea of an unusual name, so he's Jordan.

My mom has the same problem you have had. My aunt by marriage has the exact same name, same spelling as my mom, and they go to the same pharmacy. Their prescriptions have been mixed up before. Now that is scary!


What a great post! I have never thought of changing my name - even when we got married i retained my name. I guess that is just me! But I figure that Mrs B is my MIL - not me!

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