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Wish we would get a little bit of snow - all we get is rain and wind. You should go out and stick a few carrots in the snow on top of your patio table and call it a birthday cake. :)

Neverland Scraps

wow 2 feet of snow!! You've captured some beautiful snow pictures!


Ok, the carrots on top of the table would be HILARIOUS! ROFL

I want some more snow! I need to look at the news page and see if any is coming. They were saying 30% chance for Saturday. My kids would be so happy to get some fluffy snow versus this frozen stuff we have that they can't plan in. Have fun with it!


Wow that's a lot of snow! Stay warm, and have a merry Christmas!


i love snow...and your photos are awesome... we are in NW Ontario and I wish we had more snow!

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